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Prince Danilo Mausoleum at Orlov krš

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When Metropolitan Bishop Danilo Petrović, the head of Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Cost, claimed the throne on Montenegro, at the end of XVII century (he ruled from 1697 to 175), the period of reign of Petrović Njegoš Dynasty began, and its rulers after 155 year of theocratic rule moved to the secular rule personified in titles of Prince an King.

Spiritual and secular ruler of Montenegro, asserted by his people and distinguished elders, started a vigorous fight for full unison of Montenegrin people and its statehood.

In the period from 1701 to 1704 Danilo built a new monastery which became the political and spiritual seat of Montenegro. Constantly fighting against the Turks, Danilo established close relations the Russian Empire which become the main political support of Montenegro.

Bishop’s mausoleum at Orlov krš was built in 1897 at the idea of Princess Jelena, future Italian queen. The design was realised by French architect Fruses and sculptor Moro Votier, and works were conducted by national craftsmen and craftsmen from Korčula, using Montenegrin stone. This elegant edifice composed of a tomb in the shape of a sarcophagus and stone canopy which is above it. Along with simple, but harmonically constructed architectural forms, extraordinary decorative plastics done in relief technique particularly stand out: the upper plate of tomb with symbolic representations of spiritual and secular authority; the portrait of the Princess in the profile at the eastern side of the sarcophagus; state, family and bishop coats of arms at the canopy.

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