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Royal theatre Zetski dom

Royal theatre Zetski dom

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The famous building of the theatre of Cetinje, named Zetski dom, in addition to being used a theatre, was initially intended for holding public records, museum and study room with a library. Its construction began in 1884 following the design of architect Josip Slade, and was not finished before 1892.

The first play “The Balkan Empress” (Balkanska carica) by Prince Nikola I Petrović was staged in 1888 in the building which was yet to be finished. The main theatre facade was originally designed in baroque style with attic and clock at the top, but in 1896 there were changes, so the façade got a simple gable with a window instead of attic and clock. While leaving Cetinje in 1918 Austrian-Hungarian soldiers set the theatre on firs. It was restored in 1931 when the main facade was changed again.

Original interior was luxurious and modern following the example of European chamber theatres with rich decorations in plaster, friezes and painted ceiling.

At present, the stage is expanded, interior is renewed and the stage is equipped with modern props which allow interrupted staging of all plays.




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