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Orthodox Church of Ćipur

Orthodox Church of Ćipur

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crkva na cipuruThe church dedicated to the Birth of Our Lady was built at the foundations of Crnojević temple monastery whose remains are in the historic core of Cetinje, in the place called Ćipur.

The church was built for the needs of the court Prince Nikola in 1890. The construction of church was actually finished in 1886, as put in the inscription at the front facade of the church, but, due to static miscalculation, there was serious damage to it, so the whole structure was rebuilt four years later.

The church is a one-nave structure with an apsis, six-sided dome which rests on the rectangular base and distaff bell tower with three bell opening. It was built from large ashlars stacked in horizontal lines. It has a barrel vault. The interior is with four pairs profiled pilasters divided into five uneven bays. Shallow extenuating arches are formed between pilasters.

The church is lit by two arch windows at the northern facade and one at the southern facade, apsis, and dome sides each.

There is a luxurious iconostasis at the church, the work of craftsmen from Saint Petersburg from the end of XIX century. Along southern and northern wall of the nave, there are marble tombs with the remains of King Nikola I Petrović and Queen Milena. In front of the iconostasis in the church floor, there is tomb with the remains of the founder of Cetinje – Ivan Crnojević.

The church of Birth of Our Lady and revealed remains of Monastery of Cetinje seem as a whole, but there are centuries between them.


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