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National park “Lake Skadar”

National park “Lake Skadar”

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The largest lake at the Balkans and the only national park dominated by water and swamp ecosystems. The northern swamp coast (around 20.000ha) it provides ideal conditions for development of wildlife, birds particularly. At the Lake281 types of birds live, nest, spends winter or moves to, so the Lake enjoys the status of Area of international significance to birds (IBA) and it is listed as world water habitat of international significance (RAMSAR). In the park there are 48 types of fish, 50 types of mammals (the only aquatic representative is otter), numerous amphibians, reptiles and insects. Flora is diverse not only in the lake but in the surrounding area as well, and during summer water lily and earthnut meadows are kilometres long. Lake Skadar has rich history and culture testified by numerous archaeological localities, medieval monasteries and churches, fortresses and national architecture (fishing villages, old bridges, mills and wells).


Special nature reservss:

  • • Manastirska tapija
  • • Pančeva oka
  • • Crni žar


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