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Montenegrin Orthodox Church

Montenegrin Orthodox Church (in Russian Черногорская Православная Церковь) with its seat in the royal capital Cetinje was restored in October 1993, after it was actually cancelled in 1918 and officially in 1920 as thereto canonical autocephalous church (Greek Αυτοκεφαλία) – independent orthodox church.

Each orthodox people, if as a dominant at some territory gained state independence, as a rule, is entitled to form its own autocephalous Church. An autocephaly orthodox church is usually headed by a patriarch, and sometimes archbishop and/or metropolitan bishop. There is centuries long tradition in Montenegro to have autocephalous metropolitan bishop head the Church. The first head of the restored Montenegrin Orthodox church was vicar episcope Antonije Abramović. After his death in 1996, on the Christmas day of 1997 orthodox Montenegrins chose thereto orthodox parish priest of Tsargrad from Rome Miraš Dedeić to be the new head. By ordination for episcope he was given church name Mihailo (his holiness Archbishop of Cetinje and Montenegrin Metropolitan bishop).


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