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Central bank of Montenegro opened Money Museum on 11 April 2012, and in doing so, started a long term project which aims to preserve and keep historic and cultural heritage in the field of numismatic values in Montenegro.

The building that houses the Money Museum of the central Bank of Montenegro is the building where in 1906 the Montenegrin bank was opened, precursor of present Central bank. It is an extraordinary piece of architecture which is under the state protection as cultural monument.

At the Money Museum visitors have the opportunity to see the exhibit entitled “FROM PERPER TO EUR” which contains valuable and rare pieces of denominations of different nominal values which encompass several periods of turbulent Montenegrin history, among which the first state money – perper stands out, which was in use from 1906 to 1916. Stocks, checks and vouchers from the period of Principality and Kingdom of Montenegro, as well as occupation perpers which Austria-Hungary issued in the period from 1916 to 1918 can be seen. The first attempt of forging authentic Montenegrin coins – perun designed by Bishop Petar II Petrović Njegoš is also shown. There are also dinars from the period of Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes as well as denominations of the money used during and after World War II at the area of Montenegro as a member of DFY, FNRY and then SFRY, until 199 when Montenegro gains monetary independence by introducing first German (Deutsche) mark and then single European currency – EUR.

Money Museum owns jubilee collections from former Yugoslavia, where special attention is placed on “AVNOJ 1968” gold and silver coins, collection dedicated to IX summit of non-aligned, gold coins “Saint Vasilije”, “Hilandar” , “Nikola Tesla”, “Oktoih” and “Njegoš”. There are also jubilee collections forged by the Central Bank of Montenegro on the occasion of celebrating anniversary of the Central Bank in 2002 and the jubilee of centenary of forging first state money in 2006.
Among museum units, machine for forging money form 1849 stands out, the first Montenegrin money perper was forged on it. Received from a Viennese money forgery in 2006, it is fully repaired and functional, so it forges metal denominations for commercial purposes

Former counters, vaults and other contents in this building now adapted into exhibition area, provide the possibility for visitor to get the feeling of belonging of Montenegro to the states with long national and European tradition.

At the Money museum there are three computers at which visitor can review numismatic data basis, as well as coins and paper money which was used at the territory of today’s Montenegro.

Central Bank of Montenegro as a socially responsible institution, recognizing the importance of financial education of citizens, in addition to basic museum setting and emphasis to the importance of cultural-historic heritage in the field of numismatics, organizes education programmes – creative workshops, lectures, discussions and seminars at the subject of history of money, central banking system and finances for broader public, primarily for pupils and students. Educational programs are adjusted to group age in terms of theme and teaching methods, and are being held by Central Bank employees.
– Tours are half an hour long
– For group visits and delegations with certain notice it is possible to organize perper forging at the original machine from XIX century
– Visitors can take their photo at the 50 perper digital bill

Ticket price is € 2

Entrance is free of charge for children, students, retired citizens, and local population.

Possible discounts for larger groups according to concluded contracts on business cooperation.


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