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Lipa Cave is one of the largest cave monuments in Montenegro. The cave, with its beautiful and wild system of 2.5 km of passages and halls is a place you must visit on your Montenegro tour. Its beauty was recognized by King Nikola I and Petar II Petrović-Njegoš, who played a very important role in the Montenegrin history. Lipa cave was known to exist prior to Njegoss’ time, and even than cave expeditions were possible. Various recognized explorers from 19th century left written documents on cave formations and its existence, explorations continued in 20th and 21st century.

In 2015 the cave was open for unforgettable tours where visitors are accompanied with local guides who are kind, helpful, and well-trained. Cave tours are easily accessible as Lipa cave is located only 33 km from Budva, 35 km from Podgorica, and 5 km from Cetinje. Its build in trails and modern lighting make it even more attractive and perfectly safe. The cave is preserved in line with high environmental conservation standards and all our efforts are focused on providing an unforgettable cave adventure to our visitors, which has placed us on the list of the attractions you must see on Cetinje. The temperature in the cave is always between 8-12 degrees. For more information and on-line reservation visit:  http://lipa-cave.me


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