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The spirit of a warrior Montenegrin who had fought throughout centuries not only with harsh rocky terrain, bare soil, ground inaccessible to the enemy too and but for the defence of that same land from external forces alike, and this is best portrayed through chronology provided in the History Museum, in the Government building.

Material from different eras follows the historic flow step by step, in six eras of Montenegrin past: pre Slavonic period, medieval period, period from XVI to XVIII century, foundation of Montenegrin state (1796-1878), modern Montenegrin state (1878-1918) and Montenegro in association with Yugoslav peoples.

The permanent setting in the history museum is divided into several segments. The first part shows exhibits from the most important archaeological localities in Montenegro from the Palaeolithic period to the early medieval period. The second part shows copies of frescos from the most significant monasteries in Montenegro as well as hand written and printed books, charters and documents. A part of the exhibition is dedicated to Petrović dynasty who has given several spiritual and secular rulers to Montenegro. The last ruler from Petrović dynasty, Prince and the King later on, Nikola I Petrović and the time he ruled in are shown in a separate part of the exhibition. The setting is concluded by events that marked XX century.

Within this museum there is an archaeological collection, collections of arms, decorations, seals, coats of arms, numismatic collection, stamp collection, technical collection, art collection, collections of flags, photos, post collection and collection of miscellaneous exhibits.

Ticket price:

–               3€ (individuals)

–               3€ (legal entities)

–               1,5€ (children and students)

–               10€ (Group ticket for all museums)

Working time :

–               09-17h (in season)

–               09-16h (out of season)


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