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Ethnographic museum

Ethnographic museum

Exhibits in the ethnographic museum reveal how the Montenegrin used to earn, live, make textile, dress, which arms and musical instruments they used in the building of former Serbian Embassy.

The museum shows the exhibition “From thread to fabric” which shows objects from the textile collection. The objects originate from XIX and first half of XX century. These objects were meant for everyday and festive use: parts of national costumes, clothes, purses, mantles, towels, assorted mats as well as representative pieces of lace and embroidery.

Ticket price:

–            2€ (individuals)

–            2€ (legal entities)

–            1€ (children and students)

–            10€ (Group ticket for all museums)

Working time :

–            09-17h (in season)

–            09-16h (out of season)




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