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Tablja of Cetinje, defence tower built in 1883 by Petar II Petrovic Njegoš was located at the elevation immediately above the Monastery of Cetinje, where there was presumably a fortification in VI century BC. Tablja was a circular construction, it was most probably never finished. It was supposed to provide space for 24 guards with all the cannons. Instead for defence purposes, it was used for firing salvo when important guests visited Cetinje. Also, until 185 Turkish decapitated heads were shown on it as war trophies. Later on it was turned into bell tower, from which the big bell sounded (1631,5 kg – a gift from Lazar Urošević from Zemun) during main holidays and for greeting guests of honour. It was brought down in 1938, while arranging plateau for construction of the minster.

Remnants were used to build a small simple bell tower at a nearby rock.