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KUD Njegoš


Njegoseva bb,

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Vranjina visitor center


+382 20 87 91 03

Bird watching:

  • Stanaj
  • Žabljačke livade
  • Plavnica
  • Raduš

Paint ball Victory

Paintball Victory

068 555 443

Adventure park

Avanturisticki Park Cetinje


Hiking trails -NP Lovćen

Hikers and mountain climbers in the Park can enjoy and use well marked and designated trails. We recommend three trails:

I – Circular trail Palac – Treštenik – Šancevi – Koložun – Vjetreni Mlin – Dolovi – Palac

Trail length: 12,7 km

II – Trail Ivanova korita – Lake – Bukovica

Trail length: 12 km

III – Ivanova korita – Majstori

Trail length: 4,5 km.

Note: Guides can be provided for organised groups.

Hiking trails -NP Lake Skadar

You can buy the map with designated trail at all centres of the NP Lake Skadar. The cost of the map is € 4.

Ph: +382 20 87 91 03


There are 9 hiking and 2 educational trails.

  • Educational trails
  • Hiking trail Ceklin road Rvaši – Mala Bobija
  • Hiking trail Central Viewpoint of Lake Skadar
  • Hiking trail The Valley of Orahovštica River
  • Hiking trail Ecological recreational trail Obod
  • Hiking trail The bed of Sutorman River
  • Hiking trail The coast of Krajina through olive trees
  • Hiking trail Old caravan road Komarno – Rijeka Crnojevića
  • Hiking trail Viewpoint Zekova glava
  • Hiking trail Zabeš – Godinje

Bird watching

In almost wild swamp areas of Lake Skadar there are mixed colonies of pelican, cormorant, spin, heron and other species of birds. Bird watching at the lake can be organised from a boat or from specially designed platforms. The best time for bird watching is winter or autumn as that is when there are large flocks of migratory birds flying over the lake.

Bird watching is organised by NP Lake Skadar, one day notice required.