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Monastery of Cetinje

This monastery keeps the hand of Saint john Baptist and the particle of holy cross. It also keeps relics of Sveti Petar Cetinjski, as well as Oktoih, the book printed in 1494.

Ivan Crnojević moved the ruler seat from Žabljak to Obod most likely already in 1475 (Riječki grad – River Town). There he ruled for some six years. Retreating from the Turkish conquest, he moved his seat from Obod to Cetinjsko Polje, and in the hidden valley in the foot of Lovćen first builds the palace (in 1482) and then the monastery, as he had vowed a year ago in front of the Icon of Our Lady in her temple in Loreto.

Monastery with the church of Our Ladz was finished until August 1484, allowing the duke to place stone inscription: ”V ime Roždestva ti presveta Bogorodice, szidah si sveti hram tvoj v leto 6992 (1483/84)”(I built this holy temple in summer 6992 (1483/84) to honour your birth).

Next year, ruler Ivan Crnojević issued a charter, written on a parchment, and with it gifted it many goods. Then he moved the residence of Montenegrin metropolitan bishop from island Vranjina here. Since then, the monastery of Cetinje has been the seat of Montenegrin bishops, church and political rulers of the country, but the target of ottoman attacks as well. It kept its original form until 1692.

Following the tradition of Crnojević dynasty, bishop Danilo built a new monastery in 1701 at the place where the palace of Crnojević dynasty used to be. In XVIII century, after the breach of the Turks, the monastery was demolished and restored.