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Blue Palace

Blue Palace

The residence of the president of Montenegro

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The residence of the crown prince, recently named Blue Palace is at a suitable location, between city parks. When it was built in 1896, Prince Nikola stated Cetinje will remain the permanent historic capital of Montenegro, which led to faster development of the town.

With its proportional ratios and rhythmically jagged facades it still captures attention with its unimposing elegance. The main architectural decorations of the building are four pairs of pillars, at the ground floor as well as at the first floor, with Corinthian capitels. Pillars are backed to the facade and bring to life its vertical. Electric elements of various styles, from renaissance-baroque, to classicistic are represented proportionally. The beauty of the palace is in its interior as well, where representative hall and salon take turn, out of which the gala salon upstairs has particularly luxuriant ceiling, shaped in plaster.

Heir to the throne, Danilo, used the residence until 1916. Between the wars Cetinje high school was placed here. After liberation, it functioned as a gallery and museum and continues so to the date.


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